Swim Responsibility Statement

Dawnstalkers are not able to assume any legal responsibility to its members or others. While we are always keen to share our passion for outdoor swimming, all swimmers must be solely responsible for making their assessment as to the risks involved in any particular swim.

Dawnstalkers has no control or influence over those who arrange “social swims”, or the locations written about or featured in the group or social media. The decision to participate in any swim must, therefore, be taken individually, and swimmers must not rely (in whole or in part) on views or information provided by admins or members. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a swim or your ability to complete it, you should not take part.

Swimming outdoors heightens the risk of severe injury or harm. The dangers of outdoor swimming include (but are not limited to) hypothermia, drowning, cold water shock, sickness from polluted water, and injury from wildlife, other swimmers or debris in the water. The ‘safety’ of locations varies with the weather, the abilities and knowledge of the swimmer and time. Tides, rainfall and weather systems can dramatically change the safety profile of a swimming spot. Each individual needs to be responsible for keeping themselves safe, warm and informed of water safety.

The Severn estuary has the second highest tidal range in the world, and currents can be extremely strong & change quickly. You swim at your own risk.

(Safety Statement kindly shared from Barrybados Bathers & originally via Emma Harper of The Bluetits).