exhibition @ penarth pier

2nd november -

In January 2021 Grant Zehetmayr stepped up his Dry January with a daily sunrise sea dip. Not long after, Lene Hops joined him and together they created a Community. After a worldwide pandemic has affected everyone’s lives for more than a year, people were longing for something. With the sunrise over the sea, Penarth has always been a beautiful spot but only the pandemic made people rediscover and really reconnect with their local surroundings. The Dawnstalkers Group organically grew from a few local people going in the sea together to a daily occurrence that people want to be a part of.

The Dawnstalker Sea Swim club is a safe place for everyone who wants to do something for themselves first thing in the morning, before they enter everyday life.

The Dawnstalkers go in the sea to experience the sunrise in Penarth every morning. The Dawnstalker Ethos is that every day is special, no matter what the weather, they make the most of it.

The exhibition is a collection of 30 photos taken over the past seven months by James Richardson – a local photographer, born and raised in Penarth.This exhibition tells to story of the journey of the Dawnstalkers from 3 to 300 people, the growth of an amazing community captured by James Richardson in a series of stunning photos which show the magic of the dawn and the change of the seasons and colours of the dawn.

Please see the event page for the Exhibition Open Evening – Tickets available through page

a tour of the gallery


Penarth Pier Pavilion
The Esplanade
CF64 3AU


DATE: From 3rd November


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