Daily Sunrise Swim

We are a community encouraging people to create a positive routine for themselves, uplift their wellbeing, and get in the sea at sunrise.


Daily just before sunrise, at Penarth seafront.
When the tide is high, we meet on the RNLI slipway. When the tide is low, we use the concrete outflow on the left side of the Pier down the watersports slipway.
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out where we’re gonna dip every day.
If you are not on social media that is not a problem; if you turn up at Penarth seafront at dawn you will find us.


Just show up! Check out our socials and website for more information.
Then pack your swim gear, set your alarm and we’ll ‘sea you at the shore’.
The first time you dip at dawn can be nerve wracking, but the benefits, cold water rush and communion is worth it. If you need some encouragement, or help getting in the water – we’ve got you!
Dm us on Instagram with any questions you may have or just to let us know you’re coming in the morning and we will see you there.

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